Merikurat Dive Center
Our passion is diving everywhere. Our philosophy - diving is life, everything else is just surface interval. Merikurat is mixed gas and rebreather capability official IANTD facility and Santi dealer in Estonia.
Merikurat dive squad
Meet the team. 
Tom has been in diving for more than 20 years around the world, specially in cold water.

Diving experience
Scuba diving since 2000
More than 3000 dives
100+ cave dives
150+ trimix dives
Diving qualifications
Trimix Instructor (OC)
Technical Cave Instructor
Trimix Gasblender Instructor
Tom Valge
IANTD Instructor #7379
Peter is scuba diving since 2003. He has wide experience around the world. Peter has more than 2000 dives and he is familiar with open circuit as well as rebreathers. Peter holds active instructor trainer status in recreational, technical and rebreather diving incl. AP Evolution Inspiration and Megalodon.
Peter Lorents
IANTD Instructor Trainer #735
Lola started scuba diving 2008. Now she is certified trimix diver and the very first lady capable to dive up to 100m in Estonia!
Lola Tehver
Soul of Art
Over 20 years of following his passion to discover beauty and mysteries of the sea. Through the years he has shared his passion for diving, supporting and sharing his knowledge to divers to help them enhance diving skills and confidence in water.
Diving experience
More than 2000 dives mostly in cold waters incl.
Cave diving
Wreck diving
Trimix diving
Toomas Oper
Frank got the first scuba diving experience when he was 6-years old. Now he holds Advanced Nitrox Diver and Trimix gas blender certification. He is the soul of engineer.  
Frank Valge
Facility engineer
A test dive changed my life. I have enjoyed the marvelous underwater world for four years with scuba- and freediving. I have participated in freediving competitions and have been able to set some new Estonian national records in women's pool disciplines.
Kea Kendra
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Phone: +372 504 1520
Laki 11a Tallinna 12915 Estonia

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